Time or Trend Conscious?

Hey! It’s Emily here. I’m a mom, photographer, writer (psh, right?), and student. Due to some pretty major life events, I’m scrapping my other blog and restarting here. Is anyone else tired of perfection? So many people come across as the perfect parent, wife, or person in general. I want to present the real, far from perfect life as a mom, student, and business owner. Because it really is okay to not wear makeup everyday, not have Instagram hair everyday, or the cutest outfit. Approximately 90% of my time is spent in gym clothes! I’m either going to work (at the gym) or going to workout.

As much as I wish I could look like a celebrity everyday, who cares if I don’t have high heels and a dress on? I definitely love to dress up when I get the chance, but there’s no way I’m spending an hour getting ready everyday! No way! What really matters is your heart, how you treat people. Enough of the picturesque lifestyle. You be you! At the end of the day, what counts is the things you do with your time.

Happy Monday lovely!

xoxo Em